Our Hanson Measham success stories so far…

  • Wet pan clay preparation:
    • Problem – water ingress to critical gearbox.
    • Solution – Simple plant modifications coupled with regular filtration of lubricant helped avoid complete plant failure and costly repair.
    • Result – plant still functioning and zero water damage to gearbox.
  • DeBoer mixer gearbox:
    • Problem – motor/gearbox constantly failing (monthly) and had been incorrectly specified by OEM.
    • Solution – avoided costly replacement including new wiring/switchgear by introducing technical lubricant with friction modifier.
    • Result – No failures in over 6 months.
  • Kiln main exhaust fan:
    • Problem – identified early signs of bearing failure through predictive analysis.
    • Solution – critical plant will be shutdown during holiday period for repair.
    • Result – zero production losses…

Our Smurfit Kappa success stories so far…

    • Problem – Corrugator bearing repative premature bearing failures
    • Solution – Installation of Progressive lubrication system reduced bearing failures from 6 monthly intervals.
    • Result – Extended bearing life to currently 3 years.

Anglian water Matrix (To follow)



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