Condition Monitoring

Asset Management Services

Enabling access to full Reliability improvement support

A unique partnership between PCMSEngineering and MLS Solutions are helping companies around the United Kingdom design and implement world class reliability improvment programmes, driven by your business and operational objectives to increase asset reliability, reduce maintenance costs, improve productivity and ensure maintenance resources are focused in the right areas.

Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) techniques provide the reasoning and confidence to allow components to be ‘changed on condition’ rather than periodically and can underpin significant cost savings. In support of its plant and asset reliability improvement initiatives, PCMS and MLS have developed a specific approach based on its expertise with a range of specialist technologies in the field of CBM, such as stress-wave analysis, ultrasonics, thermographic surveys and vibration / stress wave monitoring. Many projects utilising these tools and techniques have been successfully undertaken including pinpointing component failures within underground tunneling machines, wind turbines, ship’s drive systems, plant conveyor systems, traction drives on railway rolling stock and pioneering Diesel engine analysis.

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Our methodology is highly collaborative and projects usually start with a preliminary Plant audit and CBM survey undertaken in conjunction with client engineering and operational personnel. Reports and recommendations, identifying the likely causes of low reliability, the key assets to be monitored and the most appropriate technique(s) to be employed, are submitted and discussed with management. After agreement, implementation is usually undertaken in two phases. The first phase focuses on the reduction in number of in-service  / operational failures and the second phase orientated to longer term actions to reduce maintenance interventions and extend or rebalance maintenance and overhaul periodicities, spares holding and optimise maintenance budgets utilizing PCMS OMEGA Plant operational health dash board.

PCMS and MLS staff undergoes intensive training and utilise auditable and verifiable quality work instructions to ensure quality assurance at all times. Engineers are certified to industry standards and above.

Our onsite services deliver the benefits of Asset Management to your facility or fleet regardless of size or location. You will always have full access to PCMS and MLS’s experience, capabilities, and advanced diagnostic tools. When compared to other condition monitoring methods, Remote Analysis services can greatly reduce training, equipment, staffing, travel, and program management costs while deliver­ing a highly effective condition-monitoring program.

The three phases of Asset Management assure initial and ongoing success. In

  • Phase I
  • We work closely with your staff to design and implement the support contract based in an initial site survey.
  • All engines, gearboxes, motors, pumps and existing lubrication systems are tagged and logged in an online asset management data base for future reference and historical logging of asset information
  • Our engineers build the database your facility or modify the original with improved settings, such as fault frequency calculations, Fmax, lines of resolution and data collection points
  • Phase II
  • Our engineers start the baseline data collection Formal analysis and condition assessment is carried out onsite by an experienced CM Analyst.
  • Minor onsite gearbox repairs are performed
  • Any lubrication requirements are actioned, auto lubricators installed or replaced, systems overhauled
  • Quality assurance certification after asset installations
  • Phase III
  • Data analysis and management reporting, recommendations are then quickly communicated back to the facility via a secure web site (OMEGA) emails and in urgent situations by phone or during daily / weekly on site maintenance planning meetings
  • Period reviews and updates of programme schedule
  • Cost benefits tracking and case history development (Contract KPI’s)

Benefits include:

  • Condition monitoring linked with Engineering support in the UK
  • Immediate automatic alarm notification of problems
  • Full-time support to a single point of contact
  • Emergency diagnostic and corrective active support
  • Web-accessible machinery health status
  • Full Condition Monitoring capability with access to hardware, software, and maintenance program experts
  • Multi-technology integration via OMEGA (Web based reporting system)
  • Dedicated project manager / Full time site support - condition monitoring & service engineer
  • Maintenance priority planning
  • Increased planned maintenance and reduced downtime

Unbiased opinion between repair vs. new (engines, gearboxes, Motors, pumps, fans and conveyor rollers)


Example of how one manufacturing customer's cost (Asset Management Programme) vs. identified benefit compared over a 3 year period since programme initiation.